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About Psychotherapy

About Psychotherapy
At certain times, our emotional health may need professional consideration, and so it is always important to address what may be emotionally difficult for you. Whilst some problems can be dealt with on your own, others need the guidance of a skilled professional.

What Conditions Can Counselling and Psychotherapy Help?
Psychotherapy can help a multitude of emotional, relational and psychosomatic conditions, associated with work; family relationships; intimate relationships; stress; anxiety; depression; managing anger or simply not feeling you are achieving the life you want to lead.

What Benefits can be Expected?
We are all individual. Our emotional strengths and vulnerabilities differ, just like our physical strength and stamina. Therapy will therefore be a personal process helping improve emotional health and functioning over time and even post treatment.

Choosing a proactive solution to solve any difficulties or distress can often be challenging and demanding. Taking the decision to seek a professional psychotherapist, is being proactive in getting help.

To ensure that psychotherapy has the best chance of being helpful to you, it is essential that the framework within which the work takes place is set out before we start.

Regularity - Sessions are 50 minutes, once a week, at a regular time agreed between us. If you should arrive late, the session will still finish at the end of the arranged 50 minutes.

Cancelations - If you are unable to attend a session please let me know the week before. If it is possible to re-schedule the session for a time in the same week, that is convenient for both of us, I will endeavour to do so. If not, the fee for the missed session is payable in full.

Holidays - I will give notice of my intended holidays in advance. Should you take a holiday outside of these times and it is possible to re-schedule the session/s for a time that is convenient for both of us, I am happy to do so. If not, the fee for the missed session/s is payable in full.

Payment - Is due on the day of the session via online banking.

Ethical Framework - I abide by the code of ethics of the UKCP.

Confidentiality - The sessions are completely confidential except under three circumstances: 1. If I believe you are at risk of harming yourself or others, I reserve the right to break confidentiality in order to prevent harm. However, I would only do this in extreme circumstances and would always discuss it first with you before taking any action. 2. From time to time I will discuss my work with a clinical supervisor, this is standard practice for psychotherapists at all levels of experience and helps me to work as well as I can with you. (My supervisor is bound by the same code of ethics and confidentiality as I am). 3. If required by a court of law to give evidence (e.g., in criminal proceedings).

Ending Therapy - Where our work extends beyond eight weeks, I recommend that we have at least three weeks notice of ending to allow us a proper conclusion. The longer the work extends, the longer the ending might be, potentially three to six months or longer. If at any point you decide you want to end therapy, please talk to me about this in the sessions, rather than by telephone or email.

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